Two Traffic wardens Younas and Ashfaq saved an abducted child on Ferozpur Road Lahore

August 9, 2016


Both traffic wardens Younas and Ashfaq were on duty at an intersection on Ferozepur Road when they saw a child crying for help with a guy on motorcycle. Traffic wardens tried to stop the bike but the kidnapper pulled out a handgun. The child ran towards to wardens and the kidnapper escaped the scene. The child was a resident of Dallu Kalan on Rohi Drain and was later reunited with his family.

This one incident has a big lesson that if we stay vigilant the criminals elements can not carry on their activities freely. All of us need to keep an eye on our surroundings and watch out for any criminal elements. Cases of child kidnapping have increased in Punjab in recent months with an estimated number of 767 children kidnapped most from Lahore, Faisalabad and Bahawalpur areas.

Thank you Younas and Ashfaq for saving a child and setting up an example.


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